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Registration 2024-25 Information

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Please note the following important information:

  • All Registration Fees/Tuition Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE unless TRA cancels a class.

  • If your child needs a study hall or will be on campus for lunch, please register below.  There is no charge. 

  • Once registered, tuition is binding for the school year.

  • If a student is withdrawn by Sept. 10, 2024, families are liable for half tuition.  After that date, families are liable for full tuition.  See calendar for dates.

  • CONTACT Angie Mendez for registration questions. (

  • Please note that due to the structure of our classes, we are unable to accommodate students with IEPs or 504s or those with special needs.  We can take students with mild issues on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact us before registering.

Registration/Tuition Fee Schedule 

The total cost for each class is $630. See breakdown below:


TRA Registration Fees

Due at Enrollment

 (Paid directly to The Regent Academy at registration for each class a student is enrolled)  

$130 (One time enrollment fee per class)

Annual Class Tuition--All Classes

(Paid directly to the teachers--Due August 6, 2024***)    

 $500 per student, per class


***NOTE:  We do have a courtesy tuition payment plan.  Please see below for details.

Courtesy Tuition Payment (Per Student, per Class) Schedule Due Dates

                     #1      8/6/24      $100 per student

 #2      9/3/24      $50 

#3      10/1/24    $50

#4      11/5/24    $50

#5      12/3/24    $50

#6      1/7/25      $50

#7      2/4/25      $50

#8      3/4/25      $50

#9      4/1/25      $50

Payment instructions can be found in the handbook.

PLEASE NOTE: $15 late fees (per teacher) apply to payments received past due date.


   Helpful information:

  • There is no minimum number of classes; all classes are a la carte.
  • Study Hall is available during each class period at no extra cost.  Registration required.  No more than one study hall is recommended for elementary aged students.  
  • We offer a lunch period.  Registration is required--no charge.
  • All parents must volunteer to supervise study hall during the school year. 
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  • Most classes must have a minimum of 6-8 students and are capped at 15-16 students.
  • Classes may be canceled with refund if minimum is not reached.
  • Classes may be switched through May 30 for a $10 fee.  After that date, a $100 fee applies to switch classes.  NO classes changed after July 15.
  • Tuition is binding once registered.
  • Registration and Tuition Fees are non-refundable--Please be sure before you register!
  • Students may add classes after registration is closed at the administrator's and teacher's discretion.
  • We are unable to accommodate students with special needs due to the structure of our classes except on a case-by-case basis as noted above.

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