Registration 2021-22 Information

ONLINE REGISTRATION for 2021-22 is OPEN for ALL through August 3, 2021!

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Please note the following important information:

  • All Registration Fees/Tuition Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE unless TRA cancels a class.

  • If your child needs a study hall or will be on campus for lunch, please register below.  There is no charge. 

  • Once registered, tuition is binding for the school year beginning on June 1.  

  • If a student is withdrawn by Sept. 7, 2021, families are liable for half tuition.  After that date, families are liable for full tuition.  See calendar for dates.

  • CONTACT Angie Mendez for registration questions. (


Registration/Tuition Fee Schedule 

The total cost for each class is $520. See breakdown below:


TRA Registration Fees

Due at Enrollment

 (Paid directly to The Regent Academy at registration for each class a student is enrolled)  

$120 (One time enrollment fee per class)


Annual Class Tuition--All Classes

(Paid directly to the teachers--Due August 3, 2021***)    

 $400 per student, per class


***NOTE:  We do have a courtesy tuition payment plan.  Please see below for details.

Courtesy Tuition Payment (Per Student, per Class) Schedule Due Dates

                   #1     8/3/21       $80 per student

 #2      9/7/21      $40 

#3      10/5/21    $40

#4      11/2/21    $40

#5      12/7/21    $40

#6      1/4/22      $40

#7      2/1/22      $40

#8      3/1/22      $40

#9      4/5/22      $40

PLEASE NOTE: $15 late fees (per teacher) apply to payments received past due date.


   Other helpful information:

  • There is no minimum number of classes.
  • We offer honors level and regular classes for high school English and science, as well as advanced and regular levels for middle school language arts.
  • Study Hall is available during each class period at no extra cost.  Students must register for it, but there is no charge.
  • We offer a lunch period at 11:30.  Please register your child so we can have an accurate count, but there  is no charge.
  • All parents must volunteer to supervise study hall during the school year.
  • Most classes must have a minimum of 6-8 students.  
  • Classes may be canceled with refund if minimum is not reached.
  • Classes may be switched through May 30 for a $10 fee.  After that date, a $100 fee applies to switch classes. 
  • Tuition is binding beginning on June 1 after students are registered.
  • Please note that we are unable to accommodate students with IEPs or 504s.
  • We are unable to accommodate students with special needs due to the structure of our classes.