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Social Studies/History

High School

World History (Hamilton)


High School World History is a full-year course which fulfills the state of Florida’s history credit requirement. In order to ensure that students are thoroughly versed in the pivotal events of the early 20th century which still impact world events of today, this class will begin with the Renaissance era, and continue though to the modern day.


Covering the Renaissance, Reformation, Age of Exploration, the development of America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and much more, the goal of the class is to provide students with broad exposure to key events and people who shaped the modern world. In addition, we will explore the political and religious movements that have impacted the trajectory of world events, and ultimately be reminded that God directs the course of our world using these people, places and events.


Participation in the class will include readings form the texts, presentations, and occasional essay writing as part of class work. The text for this course will be Exploring World History ,Part 2 by Ray Notgrass.  Exploring World History, Part 1 is not required for this course.

Middle School

Florida History (Hamilton)
Florida History is a full-year course exploring the rich and vibrant history of our state, which boasts the
longest recorded history of all the 50 states. We tour this history both ch
ronologically and through the use
of historical fiction. T
he literature component helps bring the cultural, social and natural evolution of this
unique peninsular state to life for the students.

Beginning with the arrival of the Spanish in 1513 through the present day, and examining the arts and
musical history of the state, Florida history opens the door to a view of the state that few residents have
ever considered. This framework of the class is based on the curriculum constructed by the University of
Florida. There is no official text, but there is a $20 fee per student to cover the printing and production of
class material each week.

The literature component for this year will consist of two novels. The first semester is A Land Remembered, Student edition by Patrick Smith, volumes 1 and 2.
The second semester historical fiction book is The Lion’s Paw, by Robb White.  Originally published in 1947, The Lion’s Paw was out of print, but has been enjoying a resurgence in Florida’s classrooms in recent years. Acquiring it early -preferably used- is the best way to ensure obtaining it at a reasonable price.



God’s World -Around the World in 180 Days (Geography and World Cultures)- Part 1

Teacher: Mrs. Elaine Grove (  

First Period--Grades 2-5

Come explore God’s World as we travel to 10 different countries on 6 continents and learn the geography, customs, language and arts of places around the world. Each month will focus on a new place as students learn mapping skills, animal habitats, create crafts, enjoy music, and taste exotic foods from various places across the globe. Emphasis will be placed on the beauty and differences of all God’s people and the unique traits and manners of each area.

Students will complete a passport and travel folders as we travel thru the year and each student will have the opportunity to participate in our Christmas Around the World Gingerbread Project and our World Showcase featuring costumes, crafts, foods and projects from the various countries.

 **Elementary Geography is a 3-part rotating series- these classes may be taken in any order.

Part I- 10 World Countries, Part II- 10 World Countries, Part III- Road Trip USA

Part 1 Focus Countries include:

August- Canada                     January-Scotland

September- Brazil                   February-India 

October-Kenya                        March- Russia

November- France                  April- China/Australia



A World Showcase will take place in April and students will be asked to complete a special project to share. They may create a country picture board, a costume, a recipe or a craft from their country of choice and share their project with the class.


Educational Resources Used Include the following, but student doesn't need to purchase:

Children Around the World: The Ultimate Class Field Trip by Marilee Woodfield

A Trip Around the World and A New Trip Around the World by Carson-Dellosa Publishing Company, Inc.

Supplies Needed

1. Student’s will need to purchase a world map. A file folder system is used in class.

2. Parents must have a Teacher Ease account.

3.  Weekly emails will be sent with homework assignments and class updates.

No minimum reading or writing level is required. Stories and information will be read by teacher and learning will be interactive and project oriented.

4.  $25 materials fee is due at registration.

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