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Please use the button to print your copy of the handbook and forms to be signed and turned in on August 8 at the Orientation Meeting.

Below is a sampling of the material in the handbook:

General Building Use

•Students, when entering or exiting, please be aware of classes in progress and offices in use and proceed quietly.  

•Drop off and pick up will be through the lobby doors in the front of the building.  Students waiting for pick up after classes must be in the lobby.  

•Enter and exit through the lobby doors only, not the side doors.  

•Be on time.  Teachers are unable to re-teach material to students who come late.  Tardiness can be a distraction from learning.  

•The building will be open to students at 7:50 am.  

•Parents are not allowed in the building.  Please wait for your students outside the front lobby doors.  

•Please NO Running in the building at any time!  

•Students may not leave the building unless accompanied by a parent except for high school students who drive themselves.  See Student Drivers below. 

•Please have students arrive no more than 10 minutes before class and exit no later than 10 minutes after their class block is over.  

•All students, including high school students, must be in class or in study hall between 8:00 and 2:30, not in the lobby or hallways.  This applies to all students, even those over 18.  

•Students will have a designated area in the lobby to wait for parent pick up and will be 6 ft. apart.  A supervisor will be available to help the younger students.

•Parents, please be on time to pick up students or sign them up to wait in study hall.  At the end of the day, please pick up promptly at 3:00pm.  We do not have after school supervision.


Academic Integrity

Having signed the parent/student agreement, families are responsible to maintain academic integrity in all work both in the classroom and at home, especially in the case of at-home or online testing.  If teachers have reasonable cause to suspect cheating, parents and students will be contacted for conference, and a grade of zero (0) may be given for the assignment in question.  

Late Work Policy

In order to streamline and clarify policies for families, we have a school-wide late work policy.  Students will have two weeks after work is due to turn it in.  If the work is late because of sickness or a planned absence, then there is no penalty.  Otherwise, grade the work, then mark down a letter grade for each week it's late, up to the two weeks.  After that, work will not be accepted.  We do understand that we are working with home-educating families, but some autonomy is conceded when students enroll in classes. 

Safety In the Classroom

•Hand sanitizer will be provided in each room.  Students will clean hands when entering each classroom.

•Students may not eat in class, but may have a non-spill water bottle if desired.


Electronic Devices/Valuables

•Cell phones must be off and put away.   

•Laptops/I-pads/Phones may be used for school purposes in study hall as long as the screen is in the supervisor’s view at all times.   

•Students may not share devices for any reason.

•Teachers will take custody of any electronic devices used without permission in class and ask parents to retrieve them from Mrs. Mendez.

•Students must keep backpacks, book bags, purses, etc. with them at all times.  

•Please consider leaving all valuable items at home as we cannot guarantee security.

•TRA is not responsible for any damage to valuables.

•TRA does not provide secure networks.

Study Hall

•Any student not in a class during a given class period, must be in study hall.

•While in study hall, students must be working quietly.  Parents, it is your responsibility to plan with your student(s) for study hall time to ensure they have adequate work to keep busy, especially younger students.

•Students may use but not share electronic devices.

•We recommend that elementary students only have one study hall class per day, so please plan accordingly.

•All students must be registered for any class period they spend in study hall.  Use your Sawyer account to sign up.


•We ask that only students who must be on campus for lunch due to class schedule should be signed up.  

•Plan to use the restroom before or after lunch.  

•Please do not engage in any loud or rough behavior.

•Students may not leave the building during lunch.  This applies to students who drive themselves to class, too. 

•Students are not allowed in the kitchen for any reason. 

•There are no microwaves for student use. Please plan lunches accordingly.

•Students, please clean up after yourself.

•All students must sit in a chair at a table, not on the stage or floor.

•Students must sign up for lunch.  Use the Sawyer link. 


Dress Code

•Please make sure attire is modest.  No spaghetti straps or plunging necklines, or lingerie straps showing.  

•Shorts/skirts mid-thigh or longer. No athletic shorts.

•No hats. 

•Avoid clothing with logos, slogans, advertisements, etc. 



•Students should have an ample supply of paper, pens, pencils, pencil sharpener, etc.

•Other helpful items: personal hand sanitizer, tissues, etc.


Student Absence

•In the event of illness or emergency absence, kindly let teachers know and make arrangements for make up work.

•DO NOT send your child to class if they have had in the previous 24 hours or currently have any symptoms of illness or if anyone in your family is ill.  Teachers will work with you to make up any assignments.

•For family trips or any other type of absence planned ahead of time, please let teachers know and make arrangements for make up work due dates.

•In high school classes, teachers cannot exempt students from work.  

•Thank you for understanding that not completing work with known due dates does not mean students will be excused.  Late work will be counted late.  Please speak with teachers if you have concerns or questions.  

•Parents, please understand that teachers cannot make exceptions on a regular basis for your student(s).  


Student Drivers

Families that have student drivers must complete and submit a student driver form (below) giving your child permission to leave campus during school hours and absolving The Regent Academy of any liability.  Students, even those who drive, are not allowed to leave campus until they have competed classes for the day.  The Regent Academy will not monitor who is leaving campus with student drivers. It is the parents’ responsibility to discuss their family rules about leaving campus.  


Parent Volunteers

We are dependent on parent volunteers to keep costs down and maintain a safe environment on Tuesdays.  Each family will need to volunteer (either parent or a trusted adult) to supervise study hall, lunch, halls, and lobby each semester. 

Sign up Link:


Drop/Add may occur until the first Tuesday of September of the program year.  Classes dropped by May 30 are not subject to tuition, but all paid fees are non-refundable.  Classes dropped after May 30 and before the 2nd Tuesday in September will require half tuition paid. Beyond this period, full tuition is considered binding for the entirety of the school year and full tuition is required. Classes dropped will not receive any tuition refunds. Requests to add classes are at the discretion of the administration and the teacher.  After May 30 a $100 fee applies to switch from one class to another.  No switches made after July 15.  

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