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Class Information

The Regent Academy is pleased to offer a wide variety of classes to assist home-educated students from 2nd-12th grades and their parents, with special attention to those subjects necessary for high school graduation, plus middle and elementary classes.  

Our classes meet on Tuesdays at Metro Life Church and run for 32 weeks.  Our goal is to encourage academic excellence for God's glory and to prepare the next generation to engage the world with the Good News of the Gospel.  To that end, all of our classes are taught from a Biblical worldview.  

Click on the drop down menus above to find our schedule, information about each teacher, and course descriptions.

Helpful Answers to Common Questions
  • Our teachers are not all certified, but each one has expertise and experience in her subject area.

  • All of our classes are a la carte with no minimum or maximum number required.  Chose only the classes needed.  

  • Parents do not have to remain on campus with their students.  For security, only teachers, students, and parent helpers are allowed in the building on Tuesdays. 

  • We ask all parents to volunteer in study hall for two half days or one whole day each year.  In this way, we can offer supervision without charging extra for the service.


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