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2023-24 Class Schedule

           All classes meet Tuesdays for 32 weeks.  Study hall is available during each class period.  Schedule subject to change.

           See Course Description page for more details.

Period 1   8:30—9:55


High School

Chemistry—Mr. Moury 

Biology--Mrs. Moury (closed-at capacity)

  Anatomy/Physiology--Mrs. Kest


Middle School

 Pre-Algebra--Mrs. Niblack

Math 2 Saxon 7/6—Mrs. Phillips

World History--Mrs. Hamilton


Elementary School

2nd-5th Geography—Mrs. Grove  

4th-5th Science 1—Mrs. Mauter 

Period 2   10:00—11:25


High School

Algebra I—Mrs. Niblack 

Geometry—Mrs. Phillips

American Gov./Economics--Mrs. Hamilton

Kinesiology:Exercise and Movement Science--Mrs. Kest

Middle School

IEW/ Advanced Language Arts--Mrs. Mendez(closed-at capacity)

Language Arts--Mrs. Knowles

Elementary School

2nd-5th Imagination Station—Mrs. Grove(closed-at capacity)  

11:30-11:55 Lunch Break

Optional Monthly Chapel--1st Tuesday of each month

Period 3   12:00-1:25


High School

Honors English (World Lit/Comp)—Mrs. Mendez (closed-at capacity)

English (World Lit/Comp)--Mrs. Knowles

Algebra 2(Sec. 1) Mrs. Phillips

Bible Bowl Teens--Mrs. Daugherty

Middle School

General Science—Mrs. Mauter(closed-at capacity)

Bible Bowl Teens--Mrs. Daugherty

Elementary School

2nd-4th Living Story Books 3—Mrs. Grove(closed-at capacity)

Period 4   1:30—2:55


High School

Algebra 2(Sec. 2)--Mrs. Phillips

Middle School

Physical Science—Mrs. Mauter(closed-at capacity)

Elementary School

2nd-5th Art from the Heart (All New Projects)—Mrs. Grove

2nd--5th Bible Bowl Beginners 

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