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2024-2025 Class Schedule

           All classes meet Tuesdays for 32 weeks.  Study hall is available during each class period.  Schedule subject to change.

           See Course Description pages for more details.

 In order to facilitate busy activity schedules, we have new start times beginning Fall 2024.


Period 1   8:00-9:25
High School
Chemistry—Mr. Moury (105)*
Biology—Mrs. Kest (102-Overflow room)
Middle School
 Pre-Algebra(Saxon 8/7)--Mrs. Niblack (202)
Middle School Math 2 (Saxon 7/6)—Mrs. Phillips (203)
Florida History--Mrs. Hamilton (103)
Elementary School
2nd-5th Geography—Mrs. Grove (207) 
4th-5th Science 1—Mrs. Mauter (205)
Period 2   9:30-10:55
High School
Algebra 1—Mrs. Niblack (202)
Geometry—Mrs. Phillips (203)
 Physics—Mr. Moury (105)
Anatomy/Physiology--—Mrs. Kest (102 Overflow)
World History—Mrs. Hamilton (103)
Middle School
IEW/ Advanced Level Language Arts(US History Based Lit/Comp)—Mrs. Mendez (204)
Regular Level Language Arts (US History Based)—Mrs. Mellichamp (101)
Elementary School
2nd-5th Imagination Station—Mrs. Grove (207)
11:00-11:25 Lunch Break—Chapel
Optional Monthly Chapel Service—Room 101
Period 3   11:30-12:55
High School
Honors Level English (American Lit/Comp)—Mrs. Mendez (204) 
Regular Level English (American Lit/Comp)—Mrs. Mellichamp(101)
Kinesiology—Mrs. Kest (102)
Middle School
General Science—Mrs. Mauter (205)
PreAlgebra (Saxon 1/2)--Mrs. Niblack (202)
Middle School Math (Saxon 6/5)—Mrs. Philips (203)
Elementary School
2nd-4th Living Story Books 1—Mrs. Grove (207)
Bible Bowl (Grades 2-5)—Mrs. Daugherty (105)
Period 4   1:00-2:25
High School 
Algebra 2—Mrs. Phillips (203)
Bible Bowl(Grades 6-12)—Mrs. Daugherty (105)
Public Speaking—Mrs. Mendez (204)
Middle School
Public Speaking—Mrs. Mendez (204)
Physical Science--Mrs. Mauter (205)
Bible Bowl(Grades 6-12)—Mrs. Daugherty (105)
Elementary School
4th-5th IEW/Language Arts—Mrs. Mellichamp (101)


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